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This is the store for the Sons of Confederate Veterans, Berkeley Border Guards,  Camp 199 at Martinsburg, West Virginia.   We are a non-profit Patriotic Organization.  The sales from this store help preserve an accurate memory of the Heritage of those who served honorably in the United States Civil War from 1861 through 1865.  All of the members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans have ancestors who served with Honor during this terrible conflict.  By Act of the United States Congress, all who served Honorably for the Confederate States of America during this war are accorded the status of United States Veterans.  We Honor ALL who served in the US Civil War regardless of the side they served on.

We have monthly meetings at the Triple Brick Museum starting at 7pm on the third Wednesday.  We begin our meetings with the Pledge of Allegiance to the United States Flag and to the Confederate States Flag.  We are Patriotic First to the United States and secondly to the preservation of the memory of our ancestors and what they fought and died for.

Many of our members came to join the Sons of Confederate Veterans due to the pursuit of learning about their family histories.  Many of our members also engage in historical reenactment of the Battles of the Civil War.  Being located in West Virginia has a special place in Civil War history.  The first battle took place here in this state.  The territory that is today West Virginia was at the outbreak of the war part of the State of Virginia.  Due to the political conditions during the war the counties that comprise West Virginia split away from the Confederacy and became part of the Union.

From the first days of the war West Virginians took part in the formation of the 2nd Virginia Infantry Company D.  These troops attacked Harper's Ferry and seized it's gun making equipment.  In Martinsburg, they seized dozens of Railroad Locomotives and moved them to Virginia where B&O Employees from this area restored the engines to operation.

The Confederate Soldiers of the Civil War fought bravely for what they believed was the just cause of independence from the United States due to economic and political factors.  The typical soldier of that time fought first for his Family, secondly for his State, and equally for the reverence to his God or Religion.  The Confederacy was all inclusive of all peoples and cultures who held the common belief that the government of the United States was causing their region to experience widespread economic strife.  Ironically, West Virginia succeeded in leaving the Confederacy in the way that the various States of the Confederacy failed to do so during this war.

In the spirit of Honoring our ancestors some of our members are also reenactors who take part in some of the many Civil War reenactments that take place throughout this nation.  In that spirit the actors will strive to emulate the behavior of soldiers and citizens of that era with no malice or affront to any person or group of persons.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans honor our ancestors who fought with Honor.  First and foremost we are Patriotic to our Nation, the United States of America.

The national SCV website is found here: Sons of Confederate Veterans.

All men who have ancestors who served in the Armed Services of the Confederate States of America are welcome to join us. Members under the age of 12 can be Cadet members.  The National Site of SCV has the membership requirements and resources to aid in determining if a person is qualified to join on their Membership Page.  We work closely with the United Daughters of the Confederacy who share our goals to honor our history.

The National Site and the local sites are willing to aid anyone with the quest to find their ancestors who served.

Some of the web based services that can be of aid are:

    Ancestry.com which offers a 14 day free trial.
    Fold3.com which has listings which are specialized for military service records and has free and premium memberships.
    Newspapers.com which has listings of many historic newspapers (7 day free trial).

SCV Camp 199 is the Berkeley Border Guards. The Original Berkeley Border Guards were organized in Martinsburg, WV and took part in raids at Harper's Ferry and at the B&O Roundhouse in Martinsburg at the beginning of the Civil War.  They were organized under General Jackson.

Contact Richard Imboden at 304-933-6122 for more information or assistance.

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